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①Hosiki Kim, A self-taught student
I am proud of the economic rise of China as an fellow East Asian person.


When I learned about China in my early childhood school, I was educated as China were under the dictatorship of the Communist Party, so the economy was inevitably poor and with the Soviet unx it was the axis of evil in the world.


However, Korea was under a culture of Chinese characters, and many classic novels such as Chinese Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West are always popular with Koreans.


Beyond the chaotic 90s, China 's economic upsurge surprised many Koreans.


By the 2000s, thousands of Chinese people began to visit Korea for the purpose of studying abroad and tourism.


Soon, China reached the top of the GDP world, and Chinese tourists became the majority of the Korean tourism industry.


In my opinion, perhaps most of the Koreans in those days seemed to have thought that "China's rich people are the richest people in the world."


And a lot of broadcasters went to China and began to report various events in China and changed the view of Koreans about China.


Of course, I think that Korea and China will become good economic partners again, although the relationship between the two countries is frozen because of political issues now.


Just as the Western world is economically and politically communal, I think that we, too, are the same economic community in the end.


I hope that China will develop further and interact more with Korea and its neighbors.



1)Tamizh Deva
I really hope that East Asia stand strong. Currently the biggest problem of East Asians is the low birth rate. I hope this will get better for them soon. (Migration is not a solution at all. It does not help the Korean or Chinese ethnicity.)
Love from India


David Yu
Not just low birth rate, East Asian cities also is safer, less violent, all contribute to the over all longevity age Statistic, people in Asia lives longer. More old people.


Dan Poon
Low birth rate is Japan’s problem, not China. Not sure about Korea’s birth rate. The biggest problem in East Asia is the American Navy. and possibly even Former European Powers lingering in the region. I know Polynesia is not quite East Asia, but the French still holds hundreds of islands there. Despite hundreds of years after Colonial/ Imperialism.


KS Fung
Compare to India, China’s birth rate is of course considered low.


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Richard Kwok
US won’t allow this to happen. “Loosing” east Asia means the end of Us global supremacy.


Xiao Wen
In fact, US can't lose any part of the world. Controlling all regions of the world is fundamental to the continued development of the United States. This is the fundamental reason for the current US Middle East policy and the logic for returning to the Asian strategy.


Jason Roy
I think economic wealth will gain more respect for East Asia (As their already is with Japan/Korea/Singapore/HK) but I don’t think it will bring Chinese cultural influence to the world beyond East Asia.


Michael Feng→Jason Roy
It already does, just starting


7)Tudor Reece
I’m truly happy East Asia is developing as an economic balance to the world economy. Hopefully Central Asia and Africa will as well. A multipolar world can only be a good thing.